• The role of a creative leader is not to have all the ideas.

    it's to create a culture where everyone can have ideas

    and know that they're valued.

    I believe that artists are capable of incredible work when they feel fulfilled knowing they contributed to something greater than themselves. Having worked in games for over a decade, I love providing the support and building the structure to help artists create remarkable work.

  • Experience

    Freelance Art Direction / Visual Development Jul 2013 - Present

     Dedicated helping game developers visualize their projects and turn them into amazing interactive experiences through;

    • Concept Art

    • Illustration

    • Art Direction

    • Brand Design


    Founder and Podcast host

    Creative Trek is a podcast that takes you on a journey behind the minds of today's top creative professionals. Uncover the secrets to creativity and discover true strategies you need to thrive in the marketplace.

    • Conduct interviews with top artists and creative professionals.

    • Manage marketing, produce show and PR.

    • Coordinate with a team on production and branding.

    • Mentor and coach artists individually.



    Principal / Lead Artist Apr 2011 - Jul 2013

    Managed teams of 5-15 artists for:
    The Hobbit: Armies of the Third Age (Web/ Facebook)
    The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle Earth (iOS, Android)
    Dragons of Atlantis (Web/Facebook)

    • Managed dynamic teams of artists and visual designers, both in-house and external to the company.
    • Helped Studio Managers define the aesthetic visions for top grossing I.P's.
    • Mentored artists through hands-on training and development of career goals.
    •  Deconstructed broad feature goals into prioritized tasks.
    •  Implemented best practices around staffing, interviewing, and career development.

    Toys For Bob

    Contract Concept Artist Feb 2009 - Mar 2015

    Skylanders: Spyros Adventure / Trap Team / Imaginators

    • Created stylized environment concepts for landscape, architecture and props.

    • Iterated on game assets with production artists via paint overs, studies, and group critiques.

    Double Helix Games

    Lead Concept Artist 2006 - Jul 2009

    • Managed dynamic teams of artists and visual designers, both in-house and external to the company.
    • Defined and conceptualize the studio’s vision for multiple projects and multiple high-level pitches. 
    • Led a team of concept artists in the visual development of titles:
    • GIJOE, the Rise of Cobra (XBOX360, PS3)
    • The Golden Compass (XBOX360, PS3, Wii)
    • Green Lantern, Rise of the Manhunters (XBOX360, PS3, Wii)
    • Various Pitch Titles


    Blizzard Console / Entertainment

    Concept Artist Mar 2005 - Sep 2006

    Created concept art that explored the artistic goals and vision of:

    • StarCraft Ghost - (XBOX360, PS3 - canceled)
    • Illustrated cards for World of WarCraft TCGHearthstone. 


    Swingin Ape Studios

    Principal Concept Artist 2002 - 2004

    • Created concept art that explored the artistic goals and vision through all phases of the original I.P. Metal Arms Glitch in the system
    • Produced all Character Designs, Environment Designs and Pre-game Cinematics.


    Focus 360

    Lead Artist 1998 - 2001

    Was responsible for the artistic vision and technical execution of pre-vis architectural illustrations.

    • Coordinated pre-production and post-production artwork.

    • Produced highly detailed pre-vis and architectural illustrations.


    Cal Poly

    B.S. in Art & Design 

    The Department of Art & Design promoted individual vision and creative excellence. The curriculum provides a strong foundation in graphic design, art history, and visual arts.


    Concentration in Graphic Design and illustration.

    Winner of Student Art Show.


    Sean maintains the affable air of a chill and confident veteran artist. He's instructive in his feedback preferring to engage a fellow artists' imaginations first, before zeroing on technical feedback. Sean is honest and kind... a model of integrity; he'll tell it like it is and you will know he's got your back. "


    Ken Capelli

    Creative Director at Kabam

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